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Cyphotilapia Disease, Health and Nutrition Discussion of Cyphotilapia frontosa & gibberosa diseases, health and nutrition.

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Old 05-24-2010, 02:32 AM
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Martaindale, the mealworms that I feed to my lizards have been bred from a bestfriend of mine so i know theres nothing added to them. He has been breeding them years. But i also feed my lizards the giant mealworms from PetSmart and crickets, gutloaded of coarse.

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Old 05-24-2010, 10:08 AM
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@kewl: the pellets are around 6-7mm and my zaires are only around 3.5-4.5inches.. So I think it would be hard for them to eat and digest the pellets..

@neutrinoman: 5-6years back when I was still importing and reselling fishes in country.. We do the same thing when wild caught fishes arrive and have a hard time chowing on pellets I used to give them loaded mealworms or superworms to start them off.. Expect for asian arowanas as after you feed them this, they wont consider market shrimps anymore unless they are dead hungry..

@Martindale: I use the same meals as well as loaded crickets for my reptiles before and have tried it on fishes as well.. I also notice that if you feed the worms with spirulina flakes they will turn darker.. And when fed with color enhancing fish meal they will turn redder.. If in any case, I will try the mealworms as I think the superworms are too big for my fronts as of now..

Will do some thinking first if this is worth it.. Or maybe i could just crush the pellets then soak them before feeding them to my fonts.. Thanks for all your inputs! Appreciate them! ;)
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Old 05-24-2010, 10:38 PM
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Good point, I agree with the exoskeletons comment.

Originally Posted by martindale View Post
I breed bearded dragons and do NOT feed mealworms (T. molitor) I instead feed superworms (Zophobas morio)...mealworms have thick exoskeletons and thin "bodies" underneath so they have a lot of indigestible chitin and hardened proteins and not too much usable food value. Superworms have much thinner exoskeletons, much more gutload potential and more muscular bodies so they have more meat and less impaction risk (for lizards).

Some mealworms are also treated with steroids and other hormones to make them grow larger, and these substances can build up in the bodies of whatever consumes it and cause problems. Those mealworms are often sold under the name "giant" or "super mealworms".

I raise my own superworms and regularly feed early staged (small) superworms to my w/c 14" pair of Crenicichla sp. 'Atabapo I' as well to my large group of w/c Geophagus dicrozoster. I do believe that they easily took to the superworms due to their South American collection points.

IMO superworms have the potential to be ok for Cyphos although I have never considered it...on the other hand mealworms have the potential to very adverse to anything that consumes it...this I am sure of. This is something that I have done extensive research on and as a result I feel comfortable commenting on...in the same breath I must say I DO NOT WISH TO OFFEND, BOTHER, IRRITATE, OR UPSET ANYONE WITH MY 2 CENTS. I have simply offered my opinion and if anything I hope it helps. I have an excellent superworm gut load recipe for feeding dragons...you should be able to apply the same concept to feeding your fish as well.

Thx for the thought invoking thread...and pls keep us updated.
Thanks for contributing to...

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Old 02-21-2018, 11:29 AM
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How does the exoskeleton of the mealworms affect the Zaires gut?
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