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Cyphotilapia Breeding Discussion of Cyphotilapia frontosa & gibberosa breeding, stripping, tumbling and fry care.

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Old 04-09-2016, 02:26 PM
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Default Breeding and age

I have two WC Moba groups; one I have had for about 8 months, 8 fish, still smallish and young, but they are beginning to breed well. I still really don't know whether I have one or two males or which is the Alpha. When they breed, I get fairly good results - 20 eggs+.
My other group, I have had for 3 years. (1m 6F) they breed, but intermittently, not all of the females are entertained by the male, in fact with two of them he just eats their eggs as they lay them. When they do breed, it is small broods - maybe 12 max. So can anyone shed light on how age affects breeding? Do they slow down and become less active as they age? Is it time to move my older group on? I don't want to as they are a rather good looking group, but as their purpose is to breed, (it's not a display tank), maybe a younger group would be better.
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age, breeding

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