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Cyphotilapia Breeding Discussion of Cyphotilapia frontosa & gibberosa breeding, stripping, tumbling and fry care.

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Old 02-28-2016, 01:23 AM
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Umm...., the Eheim intake has a lighter, more translucent color. This one looks like it belongs to the Jebao line of filter. Just a guess. Those are indeed beautiful fishes in that tank! I am not a fan of lace rock in a fronts tank though.
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Old 02-28-2016, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Handyjoe View Post
Hey Tran. Are you married? Only you should know wether or not you are close to breeding. Lol.

Lol Yup, that's where I was going. Have you had your share of national geographic magazines yet?
But to a honest answer to your questions, I've got a beautiful group of f1 kaps. I'm thinking 4 years old. I've seen a tube or two drop. But nothing!! My males is about a foot long and the girls about 7, 8 inches. I've bred most of my wc groups but to take 1" fry to breeding I would feel is worthy of a feather in my hat. Good luck
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This will be my last tank I promise. Oh who am I kidding?
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breeding, close

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