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Originally Posted by dean9922 View Post
thanks for the is a small colony of dolphins I am getting locally. They are a breeding group I will be adding in with my 6 fronts. But he is on a different water source then we are, in the town where I live. They are not that expensive (4 of them, 1 male 3 female I believe). I want to add them all into a new 135 I will be setting up and want to introduce them at the same time.

dumb question.....will baking soda only raise the ph to a certain level and hold it there????
I can not get the Seachem buffer here at any of the local pet shops...grrrr

Directions: Use 5 g (1 level teaspoon) for each 40-80 L (10 to 20 gallons) of water each day until desired pH is attained and maintained. Thereafter, use as required to maintain pH, usually no more than once every two to three weeks. HINTS: It is best to dissolve the buffer in freshwater before use. Use when setting up an aquarium or making water changes (preferably after the addition of Seachem's Cichlid Lake Salt) and between water changes as needed to maintain pH. Seachem's Tanganyika Buffer is formulated to maintain a pH between 9.0 and 9.4, depending on the amount used. For lower pH, use Malawi/Victoria Buffer (pH 7.8-8.4), either alone or in combination with Tanganyika Buffer.

this is what the seachem directions are

just wondering if you would recommend the clchlid lake salt also?????

thanks again and I can order this out of Vancouver....
NM and Russ knocked it outta the park. As far as your Baking Soda question I dont like using it. IME of my earlier fish keeping days...You can dump it in like clockwork but over time it will just drop again. I dont use the buffers much either, I would say get some crushed coral along with media bags and toss them in the filter. Thats what keeps it stable in all my tanks 8.0-8.2 Thats what has worked for me and been more reliable. I also used sterilized sea shells laying on substrate I get from a particular store,had them in a year plus no issues.
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