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Pretty much what reliable sources have been saying for years, except I've never seen ntoto, I've seen m'toto (and other spots, as the actual collection locations have varied over the years). The story is back in the day the discoverers of 'moba', African Diving, called them moba as a misdirection to keep other collectors from finding them. Contrary to what most people think, African Diving didn't go defunct, they just moved on from collecting to other things, underwater photography, biological surveys, etc. Few years ago I found their web site. Just checked to confirm they're still around and they now have a FB page. So-- no longer a source for imports, now they're a source for photos, articles, underwater video, etc.

My take is moba isn't so much a collection point as the marketing name for fish that have been collected in more than one location over the years. Doesn't take away from them being nice fish.
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