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Just called Jehmco. They will only accept one paymnent from one person. I asked for the cost of shipment for 2 Frozen Krill and 3 Mysis (5lbs)=$17-$18 to Forest Hills, Queens.

I'm sure shipment to Brooklyn is not all that different from Queens.

For the 4 of us, let's just round off the shipping to $20. So, that's $4 shipping for each block that you order.

Everyone pays about $30 for their block plus $4 extra for shipping ($34), except for Steakbelly, who ordered 2 block. So Steakbelly pays about $68.

I say "about" because Jehmco says that no two blocks are the same because the weight may vary.

With shipping being so low, is anyone changing their mind & ordering more?... lol

Ok, so with this info in mind, what is our next step?

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