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July 24 2005

Time for another update. I have combine all 3 tumblers eggs together. I have total 8 left. On July 22 2005, I can tell the stomach is forming. I can see the silver dot in between the baby fish and the egg sack. And today, I can swear I see blue color on their little eyes and heads. So far so good. Only thing I can pick wrong is one of the egg looks to me developing very slowly compare to others. It still has the bright red blood dot at the end of the egg sack.

Here is another mistake you can learn from me I paid so much attendion at these babies, I forgot I had 5 sandies frys, few sandies eggs in another tumbler in another tank, and 2 holding female sandies. Well, I only have 1 sandis fry left... Both mom not holding, tumbler eggs when all died, everyone but one of the frys went dead by hunger and poor water quality.

I will get some picture up later on tonight.
WC Kitumba Spawning Log
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