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FallenAngel 10-16-2013 09:03 AM

Group of 12 Frontosa - Moba, Kigoma & Burundi
I have a group of 12 Frontosa that at present are in one tank.
They need a new home as the tank they are in is too small (5ft) and i do not have the space for a larger tank. :cry:
Youtube video clip here:

They range from 4.5 inch up to 12 inch, and they are fed daily on flake, spirulina, New Era Spectrum, frozen brine/krill/daphnia/bloodwoom varying each day.

The dominant male is the largest, a very placid chap that keeps the peace most of the while, unfortunately he has a cyst on his hump but he is swimming and eating as normal.

The sub dominant is around 11 inch, he is pretty grumpy, and very greedy with food! :twisted:

I have 4 Wild Caught 7 Stripe Kigoma, 2 males and 2 females, between 6 and 8 inches, they are beautiful examples with perfect markings/colouring, they feed very well. Both of the females have shown interest in spawning. These were bought from Mikes Rifts a couple years ago and they have flourished ever since.

There is 1 F1 Moba, with stunning colouring, he is a feisty one, i say he but i have not vented the fish.

The other fish in the tank are TB Burundi's i believe although there are a couple that dont show any blue on them at all so i am not sure what they are. There are perhaps 4 males and 3 females, a couple of the females breed regularly.

I will only sell this group to an experienced Frontosa keeper, with a big enough tank to keep them safe and happy. They should not be kept with American cichlids, or Malawis due to their diet and the fact the largest male could snack on a Lab quite happily!

I am looking for 250 for the whole group, i paid this for the Kigoma's alone when they were much smaller.

There is also a large Pleco, i think its a sailfin, around 9 inch long roughly, will give him in the deal as i need to clear the tank anyway. :thumbsup

COLLECTION ONLY - from Leicester, UK. You must bring sufficient containers for these guys, i do not have anything to give you, and bags will be useless for the big guys!

Please pm me for further information or to arrange collection. I have lots more pics if needed.

Also, if the tank is any use for you, as a quarantine before adding these guys into your main tank, it's free with the pump/filter, cabinet and light hood.
It's 5ft long and has some damage to the cabinet (cosmetic only), a few scratches in the glass, and the light hood could do with some TLC as not all the tubes work properly and it needs fixing together a bit better than i can do.
It holds 380 litres

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