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Buy, Sell or Trade Post here if you have any aquaria related items you wish to buy, sell or trade.

Announcements in Forum : Buy, Sell or Trade
10-10-2008 until 11-10-2020
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Buy, Sell or Trade Forum Guidelines


Cyphos.com Buy, Sell or Trade Terms of Posting

The Buy, Sell or Trade forum topics are now reply enabled. Members may now reply to topics in this forum.
Messages must comply with Cyphos.com general TOS as well as the following guidelines:

The Cyphos.com Buy, Sell or Trade Forum is not a place to criticize, comment on or in any way speak to the reliability or history of another memberís advertisement. Cyphos.com expressly forbids messages that "flame", "troll" or otherwise attack or explicitly promote a member. Messages must be professional in nature, free of offensive language... and must accurately represent the goods or livestock for sale. Members must own and possess the goods or livestock offered for sale, we ask that you do not post on the behalf of others. You may not present a post with only a link, if you are selling your item on other web sites, forums or auction sites. For the convenience of our members, we ask that you include your location and indicate whether shipping is available.

Any attempt to use this forum for fraudulent or abusive purposes will be met with strict consequences. Members who knowingly defraud others will have their account permanently banned and the authorities may be notified depending on the situation. Cyphos.com does not have any knowledge as to the accuracy of any posting or transaction and are not responsible for any business transactions that originate from posts in this forum or site.

Beginning immediately, Cyphos.com will limit postings in this forum to hobbyist and forum sponsors. Cyphos.com strictly prohibits commercial entities, other than our Site Sponsors, from posting in this section. Cyphos.com reserves the right to edit/remove any post not in compliance with this agreement.

Items posted in the Buy, Sell or Trade Forum will be listed for 30 days. Posts older than 30 days will be deleted. If you have not sold an item that you have posted for sale or received a response to an item sought for purchase, you may re-post the item after 30 days. Please edit your post after selling or finding the item(s) you listed.

Cyphos.com limits members to two new posts per week maximum. For example you have ten items for sell, you may post the items in one or two threads during one week or post them individually over the course of 5 weeks. In the event that any member posts more than two new threads during one week to this forum, all of their threads may be combined or removed at the discretion of the Administrators.

If you have questions about posting in this forum please ask us prior to making your post.
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